"In every group there are a minority of people who find better solutions to the challenges at hand…even though they have access to exactly the same resources as the rest of the group, their uncommon practices or behaviors allow them to flourish.”  -Jerry Sternin

The Positive Deviant

I always has been, and will forever be The Positive Deviant. The title was given by a former employer, after numerous occasions of breaking the rules but achieving the desired results. The lifestyle has been there since birth. Even as a baby sitting in the grocery cart, I was a rebel. My mother told her “Stop touching everything,” and I refused.

In fact, when mom got upset and screamed “Do you have to touch EVERYTHING?”, I smirked, held my arm out as far as it would go without leaning, and touched EVERYTHING while being pushed down the aisle. But I wasn’t just touching, I was reading – identifying – learning…it wasn’t long before I could locate items in the same store without looking at a map or asking for assistance. Even items on the top shelf were no match – I would climb to get what I wanted.

To this day, I do the exact same thing in a slightly refined and less “whooping worthy” way. Or, depending on who you ask, maybe not.

My path was hasn’t been a straight line or easy; teenaged single mother, raised without self-love, left home with no security net, evictions, shitty credit and poor financial education and management, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. In spite of it all, I THRIVE at everything I set my mind to. I do everything to ENLIGHTEN those around who seek knowledge. And I LOVE – Life, my son, my dogs, the life I’ve manifested, the color yellow, money. I just love. And I’m grateful to be able to share my gifts, my passions, and even my failures to help the next person live their best life.