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Gabriella Lancia

Gabriella Lancia, Ph.D., is a researcher and psychological consultant, currently working in private practice.

facebooklinkedin Gabriella LanciaGabriella obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto (OISE) in Developmental Psychology and Education where her research is centered around emotions, instruction, and online learning.

She currently works as a psychological consultant with children, adolescents, and adults in Toronto, Canada. In her spare time, she enjoys building her writing portfolio, spending time with her family, and walking her dog.


Work Experience

  • Centre for Memory and Aging – Psychometrist/Psychosocial Interventionist March 2014-2019
  • University of Toronto (OISE) – Research Assistant September 2013-2020


First- and Second-Author Publications

  • Moreno, M., Schnabel, R., Lancia, G., & Woodruff, E. (2020). Between Text and Platforms: A Case Study on the Real-Time Emotions & Psychophysiological Indicators of Video Gaming and Academic Engagement. Education and Information Technologies Journal, 25(3), 2073-2099.
  • Lancia, G. (2017). We can and will do it! Female perceptions of pilot as a career. Collegiate Aviation Review International, 35(2), 54-67.
  • Lancia, G. (2016). Book Review: Why we teach now. McGill Journal of Education, 51(3), 1205-8.
  • Lancia, G. (2016). Investigating the top reasons and barriers for low female enrollment in pilot training. Seneca College: NSERC Aviation Enhancement Fund Research.
  • Lancia, G., Woodruff, E., Jang, E., Jenkins, J., & Pascal, C. (2016). Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development at the University of Toronto (OISE): Departmental Review. University of Toronto: OISE.


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A Personal Message From Gabriella

Since I am currently working in the field, I provide readers an on-the-ground perspective of psychological and therapeutic concepts that are grounded in research.

– Gabriella


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Gabriella strives to present the most reliable and current information applicable to educational and psychological professionals.