Reviews and Testimonials

While we’re confident that our science-based tools and programs offer the absolute best quality and value in positive psychology professional development opportunities, our website can only do so much. Rather than hear it from us, on this page you can learn how our products are helping practitioners like you directly from our customers.

Peter Ferreira Executive Coach

I use the Toolkit© very regularly with my coaching, facilitation, and even on a personal level. It makes my offering more valuable, and I get results. This, in turn, helps my brand, which leads to more business. I don’t do any marketing and have more work than I can handle.

Nataisha Revoy, PCC Leadership and Team Coach
Katie Miley, Psy. D Co-founder at Miley Performance Group, LLC

The Life Navigation© Box Set is a clever way to contain so much material in a clean-looking package that’s easy to display. I’m proud to have the logo to display in person or on my bookshelf behind me for virtual presentations-it adds credibility.

While I do most of my work virtually with digital files, it’s so helpful to have books and materials at my fingertips, and so much easier to organize presentations and have props for discussions that are accessible. I downloaded copies of the materials from the Life Navigation© training online, but I like the convenience of flipping through the box and cards to organize and customize materials for presentations. I hope you find the box set an asset for your practice too.

Melissa Bordogna Managing Director GEdNeT Pty, Ph.D.

The Emotional Intelligence Masterclass© is just brilliant! The course is very thorough with easy to digest video lessons alongside professionally developed supporting materials and resources which saves me time and money in my mentoring practice.  Positive Psychology Program is my trusted source for my own professional development in the discipline as well as tools and resources to use with my clients.

Rosalind Tyburski Coach & Change Manager

The Positive Psychology Toolkit© has a lot of great information and ideas that can be readily used. I am currently working as a Change Manager for a very large global corporation; additionally, I have a small private coaching business on the side. I like that the toolkit contains things that I can use in both cases! Sometimes, I find that the tool may not exactly fit the situation I’m coaching, but it will usually get me close enough and I can adapt to the need at hand.

Michael Bloomquist, Ph.D., LP Professor of Psychiatry, University of Minnesota

The Life Navigation© series is useful for practitioners who are working with “at-risk” people or folks who are trying to enhance personal development, but it can also be infused with psychotherapy, in working with people who are having mental health problems. This framework has helped to organize the field of positive psychology.

Ilona Boniwell, Ph.D. Founder of the European Network of Positive Psychology (ENPP)

A groundbreaking all-in-one practitioner resource, the Positive Psychology Toolkit© contains decades of relevant research and practice. Armed with the Toolkit’s science-based exercises, interventions, assessment tools and down-to-earth advice, you’ll be well prepared to handle the issues thrown up by the real world. I recommend the Toolkit to all my MAPP students and trainees in positive psychology coaching.

Dimitra Mousioli, MSc Lawyer

I would recommend these exercises not only to positive psychology practitioners but to school teachers, students, parents, and every other person who struggles with happiness.

The 17 Happiness and Well-Being Exercises can help clients live a more positive life along with advice on how to apply them in the most efficient way.

Brooke Schnittman MA, PCC, BCC CEO/Founder of Coaching with Brooke

I have used the Maximizing Strengths© masterclass to help my clients learn their top 5 strengths and maximize these to live a less stressful and chaotic life by focusing on what energizes them. My 7 coaches and our 100 active clients use these tools to feel more confident. I have seen individuals come back up to three years later saying they are still maximizing their strengths to live a more empowered life.

Laura Soko Trainer, Entrepreneur

Sometimes business people don’t relate to positive psychology. They’re suspicious of it. They wonder how it’s really going to help them in their work. After following the Meaning & Valued Living Masterclass©, I feel confident explaining to management how to create an atmosphere that promotes well-being and meaningful work and makes a direct connection with the bottom line. This can be a magnet for attracting top talent.

Bryan Yates

I truly appreciate how you’ve laid out Mindfulness X©. It’s even giving me ideas on how my cycling enthusiasts can use mindfulness to create a more organic connection to their bikes and their sport. Thank you so much.

Bozkurt Cendey Professional Coach
Charika Teillet Coach

The Motivation and Goal Achievement© masterclass helped me to become authentic with myself and my approach, to get genuinely interested, ask the tough questions kindly from myself and others, and truly attempt to understand life: emotions, feelings, and thoughts as a whole, and to become friends with what is not desirable. Hugo’s delivery was very effective and powerful.

Marc Castricum, Ph.D. Business Owner

At first, I wasn’t quite sure whether this masterclass was for me because I’m not a therapist and mostly work with business managers and employees. Soon I realized how much this knowledge will help to create an atmosphere at the workplace that will allow everyone to experience more meaning and feel more fulfilled at the end of the day.

Grace Olha Leadership Coach

The Realizing Resilience© masterclass really helped me to create practices for clients who are still adapting to the effects of the pandemic on the work environment.

Tammy Sulik Psychologist

In The Science of Self-Acceptance Masterclass©, Hugo has yet again brought in a lot of research. As a psychologist, I really appreciate that there are evidence-based practices that have been focused on. I would definitely recommend this to other therapists.

Ryan M. Niemiec, Psy.D. Education Director of the VIA Institute on Character

This Toolkit© is a tremendous resource for the growing array of positive psychology practitioners who are interested in applying the latest tools. In addition, this toolkit is an outright goldmine for practitioners inside of the positive psychology field or brand new to it.

Denise Schaub, LLC Attorney, Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, Founder of Caregiver Wellness

The Life Navigation© Masterclass Series is fantastic! Over the years, I’ve felt that I was spending too much time preparing materials because there was so much to organize. I love this framework…not only is it helpful to the client, but mastering this has brought me added confidence that I’m covering the big picture in a balanced manner. The slide of the lighthouse shining on the boat just brought it all home for me. Thank you!

Julia Karhu Leadertrainer

Best possible leader self is an amazing tool to start the development training for the leader, since it gives an optimistic view of possibilities. All tools are helpful since it all comes down to one main thing, reflection – which essential for a leader to develop into a better leadership. Great tools!

Anna Katharina Schaffner, PhD, RN, MSN, MBA Coach, Writer, Professor of Cultural History, Certified Executive Coach

Seph’s The 7 Pillars of a Profitable Practice is a must-read for any coach wishing either to set up or dramatically to scale up their business. It is full of extremely practical and directly applicable advice. Seph shares his wisdom on finding your purpose, niche and ideal clients, on marketing and websites, and on leads, info-products and client retention. I read The 7 Pillars in one go, rethought my entire approach to coaching, and immediately redesigned my website.

Teresa Wanjiku Ngigi MHPSS Advisor

I loved the 17 Emotional Intelligence Exercises. The emotional intelligence meditation was a blast! The step-by-step guide helps one stay focused and the results are amazing. Thanks so much for this great job and keep it up!

Rakesh Lazar Transformational Coach

The set of tools and exercises offered were applicable to a wide variety of objectives in co-partnering with my clients and students. Everything about the way it has been created is just glorious! They are evidence-based, instructional, visually comforting, intuitive, and most of all… serve the purpose of bringing clarity and awareness!

Candice Sunney, MAPP, MBPsS, MAC Positive Psychology Practitioner, Workshop Facilitator & Speaker

Motivation & Goal Achievement© has artfully brought together the most relevant goal-setting and motivation research. It offers a holistic look at the person and the goal and what it means to motivate them. There is something here to explain every barrier to goal attainment and tools to move past them.

This masterclass is a CPD must-have for all coaches or anybody who works in people development.

My favorite masterclass yet!

Jenya Kuvshinova Emotional Wellness Coach
Karen Beard Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist

I teach people who smoke how to use resilience skills, self-acceptance skills, and personal strengths to give up using nicotine and find meaning and value in a nicotine-free lifestyle. I used the Life Navigation© Series to develop content for the tobacco cessation classes, and I am now getting requests to scale my program and train others on how to facilitate.

Alain Dumonceaux Founder

I was looking for tools that would help me with my journey of becoming the best man I can be. The 17 Positive Psychology Exercises come with more than just the exercises. The explanations and tips provided helped guide me to create deeper outcomes. I highly recommend the tools.

Amy Sinacola The Thrive Lab - A Wellbeing Coaching Consultancy

The resources you provide with The Life Navigation© Masterclass Series are invaluable. There is so much research-based information explained in a way that is easy to understand and translate to clients. I use the resources in one-to-one coaching sessions, use the activities to support my lecturing, and am looking forward to delivering my first masterclass this year. This has saved me lots of time in doing my own research, and the members’ area is easy to use and navigate.

Clara Kennedy Career Development Coach

The 17 Strength-Finding Exercises are an invaluable resource. As a new coach, they have helped me shape my coaching process and given me more confidence!

Timofey Tselykh Mental Health and Addictions Counsellor

I highly recommend the 17 Meaning & Valued-Living Exercises for new or experienced counselors. They are a quick resource that I and my clients can use and tailor to their present needs.

Dr. Megan Guenther Psychologist and CEO

All the materials are high quality, and I particularly appreciate the quality and the design of the handbooks. They are attractive enough to have on my desk for pulling out for a quick refresher between client sessions when I am writing notes, planning treatment, and preparing for my next sessions.

As a psychologist with over 15 years of experience in the field, it is not very often that I come across a continuing education opportunity that provides a comprehensive framework that is truly applicable to my practice and is a solid investment for not only improving my practice and my business but also truly enhancing the way I am able to meet the needs of my clients.

Steve Costello CEO

I was very pleased to discover the 17 Positive Psychology Exercises. I’ve been using tools like these for many years and have forgotten or lost many. It’s refreshing to be able to pick up these tools and put them to instant use. They are exceptionally well-presented and enable me to devote more time to the needs of my clients rather than searching for resources.

Janette De Vorre., PCC Leadership Coach

I’ve used the resources included in the 17 Positive Leadership Exercises toolkit and find them to provide simple, yet powerful support for Leaders who are committed to meaningful, connected leadership. I love the clarity and thoughtfulness, and the fresh, minimalist design of the worksheets. Executive and Leadership Coaches will appreciate that these resources really get to the heart of what’s important for leaders to be aware of. Make them part of your toolkit!

Paul Hannan Director at DNA Coaching

Mindfulness X© has been a lifesaver for several of my customers. I suffered serious brain trauma from an accident a few years back, and the course has been so helpful for my wife and me.

Charly Prather-Levinson Therapist, Coach
Gregg Swanson PPC, Warrior Mind Coach

The Realizing Resilience Masterclass© is an amazing program that not only details what resilience is, but how to develop it in practical everyday ways. This program will help anyone develop a deeper understanding of resilience and use the tools to create unshakable resilience in their lives.

Edwyn Kumar Business Leadership Coach at Ultra Team Development

I have used multiple tools from the Toolkit©, especially in team meetings and workshops. For example, the Strength vs. Weakness tool was deeply impactful in highlighting the mental shift when teams are focused on one versus the other. I also use the Positive Team Timeline at quarterly’s retreats and AGM’s. I am able to assist clients with ready-built tools to get them moving in the right direction. The constant updates of new tools is incredible.

Marion Valster, B.Sc. MCA, Coach/Trainer

I was impressed to see how comprehensive the Mindfulness X© program is. As a trainer myself, I feel I have all the building blocks to run an engaging and interesting program, and the customizable content makes it easy to add my company logo to the material. I am very pleased with my purchase.

Emiliya Zhivotovskaya Speaker, CEO of the Flourishing Center

This Toolkit© is the best positive psychology resource out there! It’s incredibly rich, structured, easy to use, and is going to save me hundreds of hours of work. I am beyond grateful that something like this has finally been created!

Michael Hawkins Director, Principal Coach, MH Coaching produces very professional quality products that provide massive value if you are looking to use the products for yourself, your company, or your own clients. The products are comprehensive and easy to understand and use. The videos are delivered in plain English, supported by detailed manuals. I look forward to each new product they produce. Unlike so many other resilience resources, the Realizing Resilience Masterclass© dives much deeper into the construct and provides excellent context.

Allison Cowan, M.Ed, PCC Life Coach at Purposeful Pathways Life Coaching

Your products are truly a lifeline for my coaching business. For example, I may have a client who likes “homework”. I have found that the supplemental materials actually boost a client’s forward growth more quickly when they are used. For myself, while I have great coaching skills, if there is an issue or a topic where I need more knowledge and/or understanding, I can always find what I need in the Toolkit©.

Evan Parks, Psy.D. Clinical Psychologist & Transformational Coach for Equip to Empower, LLC.

The Life Navigation© masterclass series was key in shifting my focus from focusing only on symptom management to growth. The patients and clients I have worked with have been greatly impacted by discovering their own strengths and learning how to build stronger relationships with others.

Elizabeth Mulder Coach, Facilitator

I am using it for coaching clients and team engagements! I like the setup, explanation, background, format, and the way in which the Positive Psychology Toolkit© enables clients to work at their own pace. The diversity of material available is

Psychology Toolkit© 12 Gabriela


Steve Pearson Coach
Allison Cowan Life Coach

I love how full of information the 17 Positive Relationships Exercises are. They are clear, concise, and professional. I like that the exercises are given in manageable pieces so that a client will not feel overwhelmed.

Oitancan Zephie OEF Combat Medic Veteran Entrepreneur

I’m very excited to use’s products. They allow me as a human resource professional to develop positive psychology training for my staff with science-based methods.

Diana Parra, MA, Life Coach CEO of Diana Parra International

Resilience X© is a robust program that can be easily tailored to different populations and delivered as a group program or one-to-one. I love that although it is research-based, the language used is easy to comprehend (which is important when I’m working with my coaching clients). The use of The Sailboat Metaphor© framework makes it relevant and applicable to real life. I also found the exercises, questions, and techniques powerful and thought-provoking.

Therese Toohey Career Coach & Facilitator, TTCo Pty Ltd

The Realizing Resilience Masterclass© is a must. Integrating resilience and the power of Positive Psychology, this course delivers extraordinary value. Whether you’re an individual simply wanting to know more about Resilience or a seasoned facilitator or coach, there’s a depth and breadth of material to match all expectations. I’ll certainly be using this Masterclass over and over again to support not just my clients’ journeys but also my own professional growth and development. Many thanks to Seph, Hugo, and the team.

Mahesh Pamnani Chief Happiness Officer, Workplace Wellness Coach

Loved this book. Very practical easy-to-read step-by-step manual for trainers, training companies, coaches and aspiring coaches who love to help people and want to reach more people through their work and especially those who struggle to make money. The logic and the steps (pillars) are explained in plain language which made a lot of sense to me.

James M. Floyd, Jr., M.Ed., CCHW, CCISM, CATSM Coach, Author

As an author, coach, and educator professionally certified in trauma and resilience, I believe Resilience X© to be an absolute game-changer! It combines practical strategies, expert guidance, and inspiring metaphors to help individuals cultivate lasting resilience.

With its engaging format and comprehensive content, Resilience X© equips graduates with the knowledge, ability, and invaluable tools to conduct workshops teaching others how to overcome challenges and thrive in any circumstance. A truly empowering journey that I wholeheartedly recommend to everyone!

Amy Sinacola Entrepreneur and University Lecturer, Inspired Life People

The resources you provide are invaluable. There is so much research-based information explained in a way that is easy to understand and translate to clients. I use the resources in one to one coaching sessions, use the activities to support my lecturing and am looking forward to delivering my first masterclass this year. I have deepened my own knowledge and been able to provide practical help to clients through being able to access the masterclasses and positive psychology Toolkit©. This has saved me lots of time in doing my own research and the members area is easy to use and navigate.

Milena Torbica Miloradovic Director, Education Sector

I loved using the 17 Emotional Intelligence Exercises! So far, they have helped me a lot in my personal development as well as in working with clients. There are a lot of beautiful and useful exercises that teach us how to react when our buttons are pushed. I gladly recommend them to people who want to work on their own development and improve their relationships with others, or to use them in the coaching process.

Michael John Threon Clinical Psychologist
Kate Gare, Dip. Clin. Hyp., NLP Coach Coach, Therapist, Author

Resilience X© has saved me so much development and production time. Having the clear structure of a course, the handouts, and resources with the substance of a science-based approach freed up the capacity for me to focus on supporting my clients to make a change.

Dr. Renata Livramento CEO & Founder Brazilian Institute of Positive Psychology’s products are very useful for all practitioners. They are rich and full of bibliographical references that allow us to deepen our understanding of the various themes. Their tools help a lot in working in the practice of positive psychology.

Evan Roth

I highly recommend Mindfulness X©. It is well put together for participants and instructors alike. The presentation is professional, the content-rich, and the resources abundant. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to look into Mindfulness.

Catherine Bell Director of Bell Training Group

I produced a 12-part series on resilience, with short videos and worksheets, including a range of exercises adapted from The Positive Psychology Toolkit©. The results have been wonderful. 

This work makes my heart sing! Thank you for a great toolkit that helped me make this happen. I plan to keep up my subscription indefinitely.

Leah Rubinstein Clinician, Mindfuless teacher

I enjoyed using the 17 Emotional Intelligence Exercises for my clinical practice. It is an excellent tool for cognitive work, making the information clients have been holding onto tangible — a significant aid in the healing process. Also, it really helped me save time and added to my professional resources.

Gregory Levy Coach

I appreciate the structure of the 17 Happiness & Subjective Well-Being Exercises. They are well-adapted to the practice of coaching and enable everyone to achieve greater fulfillment!

Furthermore, the fact that sources are cited is a significant asset as the information can be used to go deeper into specific topics of interest. I do, however, regret the lack of translation, into French for example.

Sunita Malhotra Managing Director

Thank you – you have developed superb tools that are very practical, to the point, and easy to use! You have helped to change the lives of the younger generation!

David Nugent Psychotherapist, Counselor
Eva Janštová Psychologist

I would like you to know that my whole therapeutic practice lives just because of your work, your articles, and especially these tools. I spend nearly every evening translating your materials to the Czech language and then I use it in my work every day. I feel much better and more competent.

Sue Milne Leadership Coach

The exercises cover the leadership skills that are key for managers who want to develop themselves to feel more confident in their abilities to lead themselves and their teams. They will allow you to communicate and connect with your teams while having a deeper self-awareness of yourself.

Au Yin Chan Consultant & Founder of AYC Consulting and

Mindfulness X© was a personally impactful course for me and broadened my understanding of mindfulness personally, as well as how to help my clients.

Catherine Twiss Psychologist, Founder, Catherine Twiss Consulting

The Emotional Intelligence Masterclass© is in a class of its own. As with all of the products it is well-written, thoroughly researched, and practical.  It is suitable for both early career coaches as well as more experienced coaches who are looking to deepen their knowledge and hone their EI skills.

Unlike so many other emotional intelligence resources, this EI Coaching Masterclass dives much deeper into the construct and provides excellent context.

Jana Catalan Zavodnikova, ACC Leadership Coach

I love the concept of the 6-weeks training that offers. Resilience X© is a complete and practical guide to how to structure and lead your own resilience training.

I appreciate the focus on applying The Sailboat Metaphor© to resilience work and the tips Hugo shares concerning delivering a successful program ourselves. I love the clarity, professionalism, and scientific efficiency that is put into this program.

Mehnaz Amjad ACC Coach, Certified CBT Practitioner

The Psychology Toolkit© has been one of the best resources that promotes my brand as a coach and assists in positioning myself as an authority over a particular subject (in my case: Resilience). This toolkit is an asset for me, as I continue to reap its benefits by it educating my clients or assisting them in making positive changes in their lives.

Vivienne Duebbert Speaker, Trainer, Mindset Coach

The Maximizing Strengths Masterclass© highlights the importance and ways of activating our strengths rather than focusing primarily on ameliorating our weaknesses. Dr. Hugo Alberts backs the content up with plenty of sources and techniques. I am very grateful to have found this platform.

Michaela Halsey, CIPD Head of HR, Executive Coach

I really value how research underpins all of the content. The in-depth lessons in the Motivation & Goal Achievement Masterclass© have helped build my foundation to be a better coach while offering new insights and frameworks into the art of motivating others to achieve their goals.

Adam Schilling Life & Relationship Coach
Josephine Tite Positive Psychology Coach

This has been a complete reboost in positive psychology for me. After completing the Meaning & Valued Living Masterclass©, I now have so many ideas and practical tools to bring to my coaching and training business in Canada. I like that you have created a great environment to study positive psychology at an affordable price. The world is in great need! Thank you for what you do.

Elaine Tonel DO, MS Medical Director

I was looking for a program to help teach employee groups how to build resilience skills and I was fortunate to find Resilience X©.

Resilience X© by provided an intuitive and elegant framework to teach employees to develop and exercise resilience in the face of current life stress. I was blown away by the comprehensive and science-based research put into the training content, coaching manual, and workbook.

Gary Bridgeman Professional Development Coach

I am really impressed with the quality of Mindfulness X©. The writing is clear and concise, the instruction manual breaks each session down, giving clear timings and instructions for you to lead your course. The student workbook is also clearly written but what I particularly like are the academic references giving the reader a sense of trust. Highly recommended. You could buy this product today and run your first course tomorrow.

Jana Dawson, MAPP Corporate Trainer & Coach The School of Positive Psychology

The team has a unique ability to tackle and present intricate positive psychology concepts in an easy-to-understand, applicable, and relevant way. Their approach to program development is evidence-based with a deep understanding that, to create positive change, the research has to be applicable and workable in the real world.

Fatima Hussain, MSc. Psych Lead Research Analyst & Psychologist

The 17 Positive Leadership Exercises are incredibly useful, especially in today’s L&D climate. As a researcher in the space of leadership development, I can attest to the strong need for tools such as the ones you have created in this set. I especially found useful the tools that focus on the leader receiving feedback from their team and being inclusive of teams’ thoughts and opinions in decisions being made. It is evident that a lot of research and thought has gone into creating this set of tools and I commend your team for their efforts.

Lisa Jacobsen Care Team Co-Occurring Clinician

I absolutely believe that thinking and doing positively is what works best with people who have addiction or mental health issues. I use the 17 Positive CBT & Cognitive Therapy Exercises in my practice to help my clients see that focusing on the positive can produce better results.

Olumide Famakinwa Soft Skill Trainer offers practical and user-friendly tools that are easy to implement and adopt. They are unique and creative in thought and application, directly addressing real-life issues and proffering bespoke solutions.


Tara Killen Executive Coach

Thanks so much for these wonderful resources. I’m a MAPP student at University of East London & a wellness practitioner for the past 20+years. The 17 Mindfulness Tools are an essential part of my box of tricks when developing a program or workshop – thank you!

Sonia Rignall Director

I have found the 17 Positive Psychology Exercises incredibly valuable for myself and my clients. It has provided insightful moments for my coaching clients and enabled me to explore alternative reflections and avenues for understanding.

Dawn Wesley Clinical Mental Health Counselor

I have been using the Positive Psychology Toolkit© for about a year. I find that it is very thorough in its presentation and gives both the mental health expert and the client a great starting point for many different issues that are a struggle for people in today’s world. I appreciate that each tool includes a page or two dedicated to the mental health professional and telling us about how to use the tool, and then a comprehensive worksheet and explanation for the client. Also, it can be used as homework or in session with the client. Thank you for providing these tools to clinicians!

Allison Cowan, M.Ed, PCC, Life Coach, Purposeful Pathways Life Coaching

If, as a coach, I had to choose ONE thing (this includes a website, social media, and all other platforms that I am paying for), I would let them all go, as you would be my top pick. I believe that the combination of my learning and what I can offer clients because of your offerings, you’d win. Hands down.

Arzu Ozkose Life Coach

The 17 Positive Psychology Exercises are very profound for a coaching session and also for further work on the client’s self-transformation.

Edyn Kumar Therapist, Coach
Gabriela Varela Castillo People & Culture Manager

I’m truly enjoying the Positive Psychology Toolkit© for my career coaching business. It contains excellent science-based and personalized activities for a variety of needs in my clients’ exploration and discovery phases. All of them are great for increasing self-awareness, boosting motivation, and achieving goals!

Mahmoud Abouzaid Mentor Coach & Facilitator

Resilience X© provides clear and valuable sessions on how to administer resilience programs ourselves. It contains presentation slides, manuals, workbooks, images, and helpful examples that enable us to deliver the program successfully.


Barbara Kuiters Psychologist

The most life-changing part about this training is that I got my participants to recognize and change some of the life-long patterns that have been holding them back. Mindfulness X© enabled them to look beyond their automatic judgment and behaviors. The theory is very clearly explained and easy to pass on to others. I still get messages from former participants telling me how grateful they are for what this training has done for them.

Diane Dignam Manager

I found the 17 Gratitude Tools very intuitive and easy to use and the support from the team was excellent when I had a question. Highly recommend!

Dr. Dan Helix, M.A., D. Min., CPS, CMMHC, CSP Health Care Navigator for Homeless Veterans (Social Work)

A large part of my job description includes training staff to effectively deal with a people group notoriously fraught with mental illness. By adding Resilience X© into my toolbox, I am able to better equip Case Managers and support staff to teach clients healthier ways of livingbeyond just reacting to their illness.

Resilience X© demonstrates the path to recovery. Dr. Hugo is a wonderful teacher, and their response times (thanks, Alex) are super fast. I am a fan.

Chantal Snodgrass Venue Services Manager, Volunteer Coordinator

The 17 Positive Leadership Tools were brilliant, as they can easily dissect complex issues and simplify solutions. I loved reading about the strengths and weaknesses associated with each leadership style. I love the nuance created within each style and recommendations for growth.

Glen Murdoch CEO and Founder The Life Coaching College

Wow! I have just finished working through the new Maximising Strengths Masterclass© and must say it is just outstanding.

As a Trainer and Coach, it is so beneficial to tap into a finished product that allows me not only to facilitate each session but also broaden my own knowledge base. The research is outstanding and the activities brilliant – I can’t wait for the next Masterclass!

Timofey Tselykh Counselor

Very high-quality and superbly structured tools! The 17 Positive Communication Exercises can be used when working with a variety of client inquiries. A perfect set for daily work in psychological counseling.

Sanna Välttilä-Wit, MSc Coach

I found the resources and exercises in the Positive Leadership package to be very extended, catering to the different aspects of leadership. There are exercises to help leaders to develop themselves and their vision but also to help leaders to motivate and develop their teams. I also liked that all of the exercises are evidence-based, with references provided for further reading.

Alexandra Alvarez Health & Wellness Coach
Margo Boske High Sensitivity Coach

The Job Crafting Coaching Manuals are very thorough. They take into account potential challenges and risks and give options on how to tackle them. The action plan you create with your coachee is through a simple and step-by-step approach, which makes it very tangible and doable to implement for the coachee. I will definitely use this template for highly sensitive clients who struggle with their current job!

Dr. Paula Alvarez

I have found tremendous value in all of the products I have purchased from! I am using the Toolkit© and Mindfulness X© every day with my clients! These products have increased my knowledge base and are very helpful to my clients during and between sessions.

Anne-Marie Scherrer Business Owner

The skills covered by positive psychology are critical to success in any work (or personal) setting. We use these great 17 Resilience & Coping Exercises in our ‘Foundations’ Course Module. I highly recommend anything that this group of professionals offers!

Laura Rivchun Career Coach

The 17 Positive Psychology Exercises are a wonderful resource to help manage life’s challenges and develop positive behavior and the tools to get you there. They’re useful for therapists, counselors, coaches when working with clients. And they’re extremely helpful and relatable for any individual who is looking to live a happier, healthier emotional life!

Fay Younger CIPD, FRSA Coach and Facilitator

Easy-to-follow structure for all the 17 Happiness and Well-Being Exercises and the reflection questions at the end are really helpful to underline learning.

These exercises offer a diverse range of options that are effective for clients seeking to increase their happiness, especially during life transitions when they are looking to find meaning and purpose.

Karen Beck Wade, PhD Principal

I’m delighted to now use the outstanding content in the Emotional Intelligence Masterclass© to assist my clients, people recovering from tragic and/or traumatic experiences, to reawaken the power of positive emotion toward restoring emotional balance as they heal. I so appreciate the science behind the Positive Psychology Program’s masterclasses. The science is presented through models that all people can understand and internalize! Great job! Thank you!

Michelle Rios, M.A.

Dr. Alberts does a wonderful job bringing the benefits of maximizing strengths to life in the Maximizing Strengths Masterclass©, using simple yet effective exercises, and adding a practical element that is truly relevant.

Anne Stone Executive Assistant has been a mainstay for me personally and professionally for years, it doesn’t go out of style and the evidence-based thinking is always clear and pertinent. Seph’s emails offer a rich array of resources that hit a sweet spot of consistency and novelty/timeliness. The content is smart and unfussy. I use the links and nuggets of the longer pieces a lot in my daily work with various teams and individuals at all levels. Great stuff.

Yvette Costa Executive Coach
Mari Carmen Psychologist and teacher

The 17 Happiness and Well-Being Exercises are great as they prompt immediate engagement from the client and help them realize a more positive attitude on a daily basis. On another note, a translation to other languages would be helpful.

Elizabeth Wood, LLMSW Therapist

These worksheets are very informative and easy to use. Most people I work with struggle with happiness, hence, the 17 Happiness and Well-being Exercises are a great tool to use in sessions and at home.

I work with both adults and youth and feel that these exercises are applicable to any age group.

Pam Alfrey Hernandez Psychologist

I love working with’s products, whether it is something from the Positive Psychology Toolkit© or an entire course such as Mindfulness X©. So I was looking forward to diving into their new course on Emotional Intelligence. Just as with their other products, the Emotional Intelligence Masterclass© is thoroughly researched, logically built, and easy for practitioners to tailor to their audience.

Michael Scarpone, MS, BCC, CEC, CHC Consultant, Trainer, Scarpone & Associates Consulting

I have just recently finished the Maximizing Strengths Masterclass© and it is one of the most engaging and powerful learnings I have been involved with. 

I have often been an advocate of asset building for my clients. The methodology used to focus and build on strengths has been something I have been looking for in a program.

Marjorie Bouchard Coach

Dr. Alberts knows his subject in depth. The explanations are clear, precise and the material is very rich. I recommend Motivation & Goal Achievement©  to all coaches and also for personal use as self-coaching.

Phebe Lam, Ph.D., LLP Learning Specialist

This masterclass gives you everything you need to successfully implement, adapt, and tailor the content to your attendees: I work at a post-secondary institution and will be using the Motivation & Goal Achievement Masterclass© in supporting our students’ move toward greater wellbeing.

Ellen Jackson Psychologist, Podcaster, Consultant Potential Psychology Services

I’m so impressed by the Realizing Resilience Masterclass©. Like all of the courses, the materials cover key psychological concepts in enough depth to satisfy and inform those with prior knowledge but presented in a way that’s accessible and easy to digest for those new to the field. The mix of video, slides, and workbooks makes learning easy and fun and the tools and resources are perfect for use with coaching and workplace clients.

Alicia Assad Writer, Speaker, Coach

The Science of Self-Acceptance Masterclass© is an insightful program that beautifully synthesizes a vast amount of research on well-being. The sailboat metaphor offers a holistic approach to the science of happiness, which suggests we are enough (just as we are) to navigate the storms of life and flourish. If well-being is a self-led journey fueled by acceptance, this work is a life raft of wisdom.

Will Hawkins Coach, Mentor, Therapist
Debi Pruitt Mental Health Therapist

The 17 Positive Relationships Exercises solve the “What would you like to talk about today?”(Therapist), “I don’t know…” (Client) quandary. I use them in almost 1/2 of my sessions and clients love them. They empower clients and therapists!

Jeannine Acantilado, RN, MSN, MBA Certified Executive Coach Elan Consulting Services

The Motivation & Goal Achievement Masterclass© really hits all the latest research and gives clear guidance on how to actually apply the principles to daily life. If you have clients who struggle with information overload, the tools in this masterclass are the perfect way to get them started with exercises that inspire and motivate.

Charlotte Del Signore Certified Career and Life Coach, Charlotte Del Signore Coaching

The Maximising Strengths Masterclass© is a highly practical and engaging evidence-based program that turns the focus toward your core qualities and away from your weaknesses.

I’ve expanded my awareness of my strengths and practiced utilizing them more in my daily life. I’m now ready to start offering strength-based coaching and workshops to all my clients so they too can regain power in their lives.

Catherine J Burdett, CPCC, PCC Certified Coach, Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator

The Mindfulness X© program in and of itself is so well designed and I enjoyed completing it earlier this year. Truth be told, I was feeling stuck in terms of marketing the product and I come from a sales and marketing background (not so much in the digital world though!). Now, I feel confident and capable with this additional toolkit. There is absolutely every reason to activate the program now and bring tools and techniques to those who are ready to roll! Thank you, Hugo and the Positive Psychology Team.

Polina Maltseva PsyD Psychologist

The 17 Happiness & Well-Being Exercises really helped me and my clients to take a fresh look at their lives. Each exercise, despite its simplicity, works with tremendous depth.

Lennart Gehl, MSc. Flow & High-Performance Coach

This book precisely summarizes how to rethink a coaching practice as a coaching business. It feels like one is given a long-needed leg-up. Every practitioner who is on the lookout for a framework that walks one through the jungle of building a resourceful, state-of-the-art, online-driven and yet sustainable coaching business, should read this.

Rae MacDonald Courageous Conversation Coach

As I do not have a psychology background, I have purchased most of the “17 Collections.” I love that they are varied; each one is explained in detail about how to present to my clients, as well as what to look out for, so that my clients feel safe and experience growth.

I can trust these resources to help with the transformation my clients want. I LOVE them! 

Sarah Murphy Coach and Trainer

The 17 Productivity and Work Efficiency Exercises were comprehensive and are very helpful for many, both professionally and frequently in one’s personal life. I can see many situations where I can use them within my own team, as well as with private coaching clients. 

Allison Cowan Life & Relationship Coach
Louise YT Phua Author

I am impressed with the careful planning of your learning materials. I appreciate the level of research and thought that goes into each tool. Highly recommended for practitioners.

Marina Rodríguez Conesa Psychologist

The 17 Strength-Finding Exercises have helped me a lot to inspire my daily job. You can use them as they are, or just the part that you think suits a single client best. They have also helped me to create further actions or interventions. It is completely worthwhile.

David Germeau, Msc, HLCII Health Plan Designer

Since I do not have a formal education in psychology, I need tools, such as the 17 Meaning & Valued Living Exercises, to support my coaching. It allows me to proceed with the client and see if more professional support is required. I really like the format (clear and precise) and the easy use of each exercise.

David Penglase, MBA Behavioral Scientist and Author of Intentionomics

Whether you’re a veteran life coach, relatively new to coaching or thinking about starting out as a coach, in The 7 Pillars of a Profitable Practice, Seph opens up the doors to his years of invaluable experience and provides a blueprint on how to build a successful coaching practice, sharing the 7 pillars upon which he built – his world-class, evidence-based, online life coaching and life coach support resource centre.

Dr. Richelle Anderson Clinical Psychologist

The 17 Positive Psychology Exercises are a great resource for my coaching and counseling work as well as for presentations I give. It’s great to have everything packaged in convenient ways for client use and keeps me abreast of Positive Psychology developments.

Stephen R. Mills Corporate Trainer

This package has contributed measurably and immeasurably to the well-being of people with whom I interact. Their lives are clearer of purpose and more fulfilling in outcomes as well as processes.

Kyna Teresa Teei Author, Natural Therapist

Above and beyond once again. A gift of great value for many at this time. Clear & simple pillars to go from a job to a business and deliver quality over quantity. So happy to have read this and to have a copy. The value this brings… I have not seen a book like this as of yet. Practice those pillars and many doors of success will open. Thank you! This can make an amazing difference in the lives of many.

Paul Stuart Regional Head

The 17 Positive Relationships Exercises provide very clear instructions on how to use them. I particularly like the options/variations outlined for some of the exercises. There is a very clear explanation of the logic/theory behind each exercise.

Andra Costache Positive Psychology Practitioner & Coach

Being a newly practicing positive psychology coach, I was awe-struck by the concomitant simplicity and complexity of the Sailboat Metaphor and how well it brings together key concepts in positive psychology. I feel that the best evidence to clients is to be able to continuously discover something new every time I use it on myself. 

Deborah Hann

What a thoughtfully structured and considered set of Train the Trainer lessons in Mindfulness X©. Thank you for championing another wonderful research-based product!

Lorette Theron Industrial Organisational Psychologist

I find the 17 Productivity and Work Efficiency Exercises very useful with my coaching clients, and they come to significant insights into their ways of working and how they can change them.

Dr. Daniel Helix M.A., D. Min., BCPC, MMHC

As I started to pay more attention to resilience in my work as the Health Care Navigator (HCN) for a non-profit that serves Homeless Veterans, I noticed more and more people were doing the same thing! The information, the slides, and the overall presentation of Resilience X© are excellent. I have become a Hugo Fan through this association with Positive Psychology, and I recommend the site and the products to many of my fellow counselors.

Ingrid Ulbrich Author, Founder & CEO at Heart Inspired Coaching

The Life Navigation© program offered me valuable insights and information on how I can better help my clients. As a mindset coach, I have already implemented some of the tools used, and they have been received by my clients with such enthusiasm; it’s like a light bulb went off in their heads.

I’m so excited about the tangible hardcopy (The Life Navigation© Box Set) that is now available. If you’re anything like me, sometimes things get lost and scattered, so I definitely appreciate having these hands-on resources available. This program is definitely better than I ever could imagine. Thank you.

Olumide Famakinwa Soft Skills Trainer
Alison Rolfe Health Practitioner

These resilience exercises were fantastic for my own development, but also in helping clients to work through personal blocks. The 17 Resilience & Coping Exercises are clearly laid out, with guidelines and tips on how to implement and create discussion, as well as being easy to use. I highly recommend this package for anyone who wants to expand their resilience to life’s stressors.

Francis Saliba Regional Trainer Vacheron Constantin

The courses and toolkit provided are amazing resources for any trainer, coach, or practitioner looking for material founded on a scientific methodology, backed up by research. It is also filled with applicable tools that can be used to apply the theory. Hugo’s sincere approach distinguishes him and his team from a sales-oriented approach into a true value-driven approach.

Mark T. Johnson Learning Consultant (Facilitator)

I love using the 17 Self-Compassion Exercise to work with teams that are experiencing difficulties. It moves the conversation from “them” to “me” and works on compassion and capability rather than “fixing themselves”. The additional resources are great too!

Alessandra Perini Life Coach/PNL Pratictioner

As an ex-pat Coach, I find resilience a very important topic for the ex-pat women or men I usually coach. The 17 Resilience & Coping Exercises offer a variety of ready-to-use exercises that are well explained. Coachees find the exercises very inspiring and stimulating.

Sallie Martin

The material that Mindfulness X© provides is fantastic! I like the idea that you can tailor it to your style. The layout and aesthetics of the material are excellent. It’s great to have the transcripts and backup material.

Dr. Donna Lee Spiritual Life Coach

I currently use the 17 Self-Compassion Exercises to help me work more effectively with my clients. It’s a great set of tools! I have bought several products and I appreciate all of them.

Jean-Pierre Calitz MAPP Director at Bosman Consulting Corporation

I am genuinely impressed by your work’s thoughtfulness, depth, and scope. Your commitment to helping individuals overcome personal and professional challenges is evident in the comprehensive nature of the 17 Work & Career Coaching Exercises. Your work has undoubtedly made a significant impact on the lives of many.

Andre Robinson Psychotherapist

I am thankful to you for the resources. I cannot overemphasize how the 17 Positive Psychology Exercises have benefited me in the individual and group work I am currently involved in. This stuff does the work for you. You just have to present it.

Chrysoula Cherkeletzi, EMCC EIA Practitioner Business & Work Coach

Resilience X© is incredible! It includes everything we need to run our own program to assist our clients in developing, maintaining, and establishing resilience. If you are a coach, trainer, or therapist, I strongly recommend the Resilience X© program. It’s science-based and well-structured and includes a ready-to-use customizable program and a generous train-the-trainer guide by Dr. Hugo Alberts.

Natasha Facci, BBA Executive Coach, Facilitator

The 7 Pillars of a Profitable Practice Course is brilliant. It’s refreshing to finally read a practical and pragmatic guide to building and running a successful coaching business based on real lived experience. As I have begun to implement these pillars into my business, I have noticed real positive changes. Thank you for sharing your learnings with us, Seph.

Debra Heslin High-Performance Coach
Christina Lilly

I just finished the sessions of Mindfulness X© and loved it. It really elevated my concept of mindfulness and made the idea of it much less intimidating. 

Nadja El Fertasi Consultant, Founder Thrive with EQ

Every time I think that I have enough knowledge, I am humbled by the knowledge brilliant minds have to offer. The 7 Pillars of a Profitable Practice is by far one of the most practical, insightful and valuable books I have read on how to position and grow my business. As soon as I finished reading and got over my embarrassing aha moments, I felt a surge of excitement to change the way I market my services.

Vanessa MacDonald Renaud, CCC Counsellor & Psychotherapist

The 17 exercise workbooks have truly allowed me to see such growth in my clients in various areas, both personally and in significant relationships. These tools have allowed me to grow my business without burnout but with the utmost fulfillment.

Shalini Bindal Professional Coach

Using The 7 Pillars of a Profitable Practice Course gave me a new perspective on how to market my services as a Coach. I read it every time I feel the need to change my offerings. I was struggling with how to promote my coaching business without paying a bomb to the “digital marketers” out there. More than anything else, it broke down the whole marketing of coaching services into small, practical, doable steps. Currently, I am in the process of redoing my website based on my learnings from the 7 Pillars book. I can’t thank you enough for this truly wonderful book. It’s a blessing for coaches like me who have all the credentials and passion but don’t know how to reach their dream clients.

Kyle Wade Thomas Head of Global Business Development, SmartDraw Software

Designed as the conduit through which statistically significant and meaningful content flows, has quickly evolved into my go-to source for all things Positive Psych. The courses, presentations, and workbooks are supported with evolving content, tools, interventions, research/book recommendations, and community in ways that are reliable and valuable. One can use this as a foundation for a professional practice as a psychologist, coach, or holistic philanthropist.

Melissa A. Bordogna, Ph.D. Midlife Mentor

The Life Navigation© program is just brilliant! The courses are very thorough with easy-to-digest video lessons alongside professionally developed supporting materials and resources, which saves me time and money in my mentoring practice. is my trusted source for my own professional development in the discipline as well as for tools and resources to use with my clients.

Dael Gunterman Personal Growth Coach & Senior Policy Officer

The Job Crafting Coaching Manual and workbook are excellent resources to help coaches and managers support their clients or employees. They contain many diverse examples of the different ways to craft jobs. Every section also contains advice on how to apply the learnings, common pitfalls and risks, and helpful tips. The workbook activities are also supported by examples making it easy to comprehend from the client’s perspective. As a coach and as a manager, I would highly recommend this!

Lynndal Daniels, MA, LMFT, BC-TMH, BCC Marriage and Family Therapist

The Life Navigation© program has been one of the most useful and educational training that I’ve ever had the pleasure of taking. The use of The Sailboat Metaphor© has been extremely helpful in my work with clients. 

One thing that stood out to me was ‘The Investment Model of Commitment’ in the Positive Relationships© Masterclass. That notion in and of itself has been so useful in my work that the entire program cost was paid for multiple times over!

Lavinia Pillay Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Resilience X© is a must. Like all courses, Resilience X© is an amazingly in-depth, science-based tool. The richness of its contents, videos, slides, and workbook, not to forget the key advice and tips on delivering the training is the perfect, easy, and accessible resource to add to one’s toolbox and used for both one-to-one coaching and corporate workshops.

Kathryn Britton, MAPP Author, Executive Coach

Like many other coaches, I find marketing very difficult. My discomfort is particularly acute right now as I prepare to launch my own book. What a relief to dip into The 7 Pillars of a Profitable Practice by Seph Fontane Pennock. It is like having a partner by my side who clearly loves marketing and wants me to benefit from his expertise.

Subbalakshmi Kumar

Mindfulness X© is comprehensive and well-organized and has the basic materials required to prepare a program for others. Thank you very much for this. This gives us an idea of what needs to be covered in a course of this kind.

Brenda Feuerstein Researcher, Author

The Toolkit© has excellent resources based on a variety of topics, and I use them with clients on a daily basis. They’re easy to understand, and the practices are always well received.

Laura Fernie Personal Development Coach

I really enjoy and all of the onsite resources that come with it. This is the best investment I have made in my practice.

Sandra Eggers Coach, Instructor, Speaker

Resilience X© is resource-rich and very easy to use. I love its “plug-and-play” adaptability that’s solidly anchored in research. As a coach and instructor who is not a therapist, I especially appreciate the intake form so that I can rest assured I’m serving clients appropriately.

Elijah Meason, CPSW Certified Peer Support Specialist
Kristi Seymor, LPC, MBA Clinical Therapist and Founder of Owner of Mountain River Counseling

I’m a licensed clinical therapist in Alaska, and I have been practicing for about 20 years. I have been using the tools for the last three years, and I can’t tell you how much I love them. They have added so much value to my practice. I recently got The Life Navigation© Box Set and could not be happier with the quality. Everything is outstanding. I cannot say enough about my happiness with

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