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Angelica Attard

Dr. Angelica Attard is a Clinical Psychologist, a keen artist, and a writer.

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Dr. Angelica Attard has over 10 years of clinical experience supporting individuals worldwide with the challenges they face in their life.

Currently specializing in working with professionals from legal, financial, consultancy, technology, and academic sectors, Angelica also paints and works with polymer clay. She is passionate about using both her art and writing to communicate psychological concepts to support others to navigate life with greater ease, effectiveness, and compassion.


Work Experience

  • Own psychology practice working with professionals from legal, financial, consultancy, technology, and academic sectors.
  • Set up a perinatal mental health service in the National Health Service in the United Kingdom; worked therapeutically with mothers, fathers, and carers.
  • Provides consultation and delivers supervision to trainee clinical psychologists and qualified psychologists.
  • Delivers teaching, training, and workshops to mental health teams, students on psychology university courses, and staff teams in organizations.
  • Senior Clinical Psychologist in the National Health Service in the United Kingdom; specialized in working with psychosis and schizophrenia people.


First- and Second-Author Publications

  • O’Driscoll, C., Free, K., Attard, A., Carter, P., Mason, J. & Shaikh, M. (2019). Transitioning to age-inclusive early intervention for psychosis. Early Intervention in Psychiatry.
  • Attard, A., Larkin, M., Boden, Z. & Jackson, C. (2017). Understanding adaptation to first-episode psychosis through the creation of images. Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Mental Health, 4, 73–88.
  • Attard, A., & Larkin, M. (2016). Art therapy for people with psychosis: a narrative review of the literature. Lancet Psychiatry 3, 1067-1078.
  • Attard, A. & Coulson, N. S. (2012). A thematic analysis of patient communication in Parkinson’s disease online supports group discussion forums. Computers in Human Behavior; 28, 500–506.


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A Personal Message From Angelica

As human beings, we all share a common challenge of trying to live and cope with tricky human brains that come with a range of needs and emotions; brains that have made us so successful as a species and yet can make life more complicated than it needs to be.

My aim is to share with you my personal insight into the human condition, with the hope that it can help you navigate through your life’s journey, and through your relationships with yourself and others, with some more understanding and ease.

– Dr. Angelica Attard


Why Should You Trust What Angelica Writes?

Angelica’s writing is grounded in her training, current research and scientific knowledge, and the insight she has gained from her personal life experiences and the clinical experience of working with people in therapy for over 10 years. Angelica is dedicated to using her writing to translate complex psychological concepts into an accessible language that can support human beings with being human.