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Elaine Mead

Elaine Mead holds a BSc Dual Honors in Psychology and Criminology.

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Elaine Mead has almost a decade of experience working with and supporting individuals from a range of backgrounds to uncover and progress towards their career and work goals.

For the last 4 years, she has worked with young people in a range of educational settings on careers education, information and guidance, as well as coaching and supporting their skills development to better be able to handle the ups and downs of life.

This includes topics such as resilience, confidence, public speaking, coping with failure, positive reframing, and others.


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Elaine is contributing author of the book Career Journeys for Young People.


Why Should You Trust What Elaine Writes?

As someone who is actively working with young people on some of the core areas of life where positive psychology concepts have a direct impact, you can trust that what she writes is deeply researched and written to help you better utilize these concepts in accessible ways. She’s passionate about uncovering new ideas, new ways of working on herself, and new ways of better supporting those she works with.


A Personal Message from Elaine

“Writing for is an extremely rewarding experience for me personally and professionally, and I hope that comes through in my articles.”

– Elaine Mead