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Seph Fontane Pennock

Seph Fontane Pennock, BBA, is an online entrepreneur and the founder of

linkedin Seph Fontane PennockSeph Fontane Pennock started in 2013 as a personal blog. Gradually, his personal blog has grown into the most extensive and valuable online positive psychology platform, now known as

With his work in positive psychology, Seph has been able to help tens of thousands of practitioners and educators all around the world.

Seph strongly believes that we can deal with most of life’s absurdities by leveraging human connection and challenging ourselves, instead of using dogma or pharmaceutical drugs.

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Pennock’s particular interest revolves around what gives life meaning. You can watch him in action at the International Network of Personal Meaning.

Seph Pennock and Hugo Alberts share a mission to provide evidence-based tools, exercises, and other resources to help people attain a greater sense of wellbeing. They strive to help others flourish.

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