Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence can be defined as the ability to monitor and distinguish between your own emotions and those of others and label these emotions correctly.

Cannon-Bard Theory of Emot

Understanding the Cannon–Bard Theory of Emotion: 3 Examples

We describe ourselves as seeing red when angry, turning green with disgust, or flustered when excited. But how do we define emotions, comprehend their cognitive [...]

Emotional Awareness

What Is Emotional Awareness? 6 Worksheets to Develop EI

Many argue that emotional intelligence (EI) is more important than traditional intelligence, boosting academic and career success, leadership skills, and mental and physical wellbeing (Larsen, [...]

Positive Intelligence

Positive Intelligence: How to Overcome Saboteurs in Coaching

Positive intelligence has become a popular term in the executive coaching world. It is the new ‘intelligence’ of this decade, just as emotional intelligence was [...]

Cultivating social intelligence

Cultivating Social Intelligence: 3 Ways to Understand Others

Have you ever noticed how some people can effortlessly talk to anyone they meet, no matter how divergent their backgrounds? Or have you seen that [...]

Assessing Emotional Intelligence: 19 Valuable Scales & PDFs

Each of us has that special friend who seems to have more insight into their feelings, a better understanding of other people’s emotions, and an [...]

15 Most Valuable Emotional Intelligence TED Talks on YouTube

Emotional intelligence gets a lot of attention in the field of leadership research, and it is drawing increasing attention from many other fields as well. [...]

emotional intelligence quotes

40 Emotional Intelligence Quotes & Do They Ring True?

Intelligence is a multifaceted concept. Distinguished intelligence researcher Howard Gardner (1999) knew this when he proposed his theory of multiple intelligences. Many researchers and philosophers [...]

25 Sharp Emotional Intelligence Interview Questions

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who would say they love attending interviews. No matter who you are or how experienced you might be, interviews [...]

50 Practical Examples of High Emotional Intelligence

A person who is in touch with his or her feelings will have a stronger chance of effectively leading those he or she is responsible [...]

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence in Relationships – Couples Activities

As our society evolves, we are becoming more sophisticated and efficient in a number of ways; more informed, more educated, and ‘smarter’. We measure success [...]

3 Emotional Intelligence Exercises (PDF)