Articles on the applied positive psychology of relationships and communication based on the latest scientific insights.

Boundaries books

Setting Boundaries: Quotes & Books for Healthy Relationships

Rather than being a “hot topic,” setting boundaries is more of a “boomerang topic” in that we keep coming back to it. This is partly [...]

Healthy Boundaries Worksheets

14 Worksheets for Setting Healthy Boundaries

Setting healthy, unapologetic boundaries offers peace and freedom where life was previously overwhelming and chaotic. When combined with practicing assertiveness and self-discipline, boundary setting can [...]

Victim mentality

Victim Mentality: 10 Ways to Help Clients Conquer Victimhood

Life isn’t always fair, and injustice is everywhere. However, some people see themselves as victims whenever they face setbacks or don’t get their own way. [...]

Family Therapy Techniques

23 Family Therapy Techniques to Strengthen Your Relationships

Dealing with a family feud? Family therapy can provide an avenue to both individual and collective healing for a multitude of different issues. The origins [...]

Attachment Style Tests

8 Attachment Style Questionnaires & Tests to Assess Clients

Attachment styles describe how clients relate to those closest to them. They form in childhood but influence lifelong behavior in several ways, including coping with [...]

Fear of abandonment

How to Overcome Fear of Abandonment: 6 Helpful Worksheets

As humans, we depend on others for survival. Starting from birth, the need to be fed, bathed, clothed, sheltered and cared for is essential for [...]

What Is Relationship Coaching? Ultimate Tools to Help Couples

A healthy relationship requires the appropriate interpersonal skills and attitudes to build and maintain a lasting connection (Nelson-Jones, 2006). Yet we all know it’s not [...]

How to Practice Family Constellation Therapy: 3 Interventions

Families can be a source of great happiness, warmth, and love, yet they also suffer from trauma and conflict, resulting in damaged connections and broken [...]

Couples counseling

21 Best Couples Counseling Exercises, Techniques, & Worksheets

One of the most prominent sources of emotional distress is relationship conflict. There is a direct correlation between anxiety, depression and addiction issues, and relationship [...]

The psychology of loneliness

How to Overcome Loneliness According to Psychology

As human beings, we are hard-wired for social connection and interaction. Our ancestors survived by depending on the collective for food, shelter, physical caregiving, reproduction, [...]

3 Positive Relationships Exercises Pack