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Here you will find theoretical positive psychology articles, book summaries, and reviews that explain scientific concepts and findings in the field for the sake of understanding and mastering these topics.

Hierarchy of needs

Hierarchy of Needs: A 2024 Take on Maslow’s Findings

One of the most influential theories in human psychology that addresses our quest for wellbeing is Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. While Maslow’s theory of [...]

Emotional Development

Emotional Development in Childhood: 3 Theories Explained

We have all witnessed a sweet smile from a baby. That cute little gummy grin that makes us smile in return. Are babies born with [...]

Classical Conditioning Phobias

Using Classical Conditioning for Treating Phobias & Disorders

Does the name Pavlov ring a bell? Classical conditioning, a psychological phenomenon first discovered by Ivan Pavlov in the late 19th century, has proven to [...]

Transpersonal Psychology

What Is Transpersonal Psychology? 9 Examples and Theories

Have you ever had an experience of feeling connected to something larger than yourself? Perhaps while in nature, listening to music or appreciating art, or [...]

Circles of influence

Understanding the Circles of Influence, Concern, and Control

In our increasingly complex world, we often encounter a multitude of challenges that can leave us feeling overwhelmed and disempowered. Many of the things that [...]

Theories of counseling

12 Fascinating Theories of Counseling to Apply in Practice

Several psychotherapy theories underpin counseling. It is counseling’s aim to offer clients a safe and confidential place to explore their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. While [...]

Humanistic Psychology

Humanistic Psychology’s Approach to Wellbeing: 3 Theories

Despite what the media may depict, people are innately good. That sounds quite nice, doesn’t it? Let’s repeat that again. Humans are innately good. Driving [...]

Social Worker Toolbox

Social Work Toolbox: 37 Questions, Assessments, & Resources

Undoubtedly, the role of the social worker is a challenging one. This may be because of its unlikely position, balanced between “the individual and society, [...]

Cognitive Psychology

What Is the Cognitive Psychology Approach? 12 Key Theories

As I cross the busy road, a sea of information of varying degrees of importance confronts me. Maintaining focus on the oncoming traffic is paramount, [...]

Classical Conditioning Learning

Classical Conditioning Learning Theory: 4 Classroom Examples

Have you ever wished that you could just ring a bell or sound a gong and your students would all become magically silent and give [...]

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