Here you’ll find articles on mindfulness research and the effectiveness of the Mindfulness X protocol, redirecting your the attention to the current moment.

Non-sleep deep rest

Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR): Exploring a World Beyond Sleep

In our relentless quest for productivity and success, we often fall prey to the misconception that rest is a reward for hard work. But what [...]

DBT Interventions

35 DBT Interventions & Resources for Your Therapy Sessions

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is not your average therapy session; it’s like a toolbox filled with colorful tools to tame the unruliest of emotions and [...]


Equanimity: The Holy Grail of Calmness & Grace?

How can we find a calm harbor within ourselves amid life’s storms? How can we develop our ability to remain composed and centered when faced [...]

Mindfulness Workshop

How to Plan a Mindfulness Workshop: Best Ideas for Success

Since Jon Kabat-Zinn (1990) first published his seminal study of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), Full Catastrophe Living, training in mindfulness skills has become a popular [...]

Teaching mindfulness

How to Teach Mindfulness: Your Ultimate Course and Guide

Let me guess – you love mindfulness, you have experienced many of its benefits, and now you want to teach others. Mindfulness is a skill [...]

Mindfulness for anxiety

How to Use Mindfulness Therapy for Anxiety: 15 Exercises

Anxiety can leave a person feeling totally alone. Countless people worldwide understand what it’s like and share the same fears, struggles, and behavioral tendencies (Forsyth [...]

Mindful photography

Mindful Photography: 11 Therapeutic Ways to Use Your Camera

Click. One, two, three, four… Click. The waterfall’s movement was caught in a long-exposure photograph, its flow over those seconds held on one frame of [...]

What Is Mindful Breathing? Exercises, Scripts, and Videos

Setting aside a few minutes for mindful breathing can make a big difference to your day. Mindful breathing is an important way to establish a [...]

Group mindfulness

Practicing Mindfulness in Groups: 8 Activities and Exercises

When someone is described as being mindful, it typically means they pay attention to what is happening to the mind, body, and surroundings, and they [...]

mindfulness meditation

Why Is Mindfulness Important? 20+ Reasons to Practice Today

Life can be overwhelming. Our minds fill with chatter, our view of the world becomes tainted and distorted, and our ability to be present is [...]

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