Positive Emotions

The Broaden-and-Build Theory of Positive Emotions explains how positive emotions can broaden one’s thoughts, actions, and awareness.


Dysregulation: Navigating Through Emotional Turmoil

As mental health professionals, we often find emotional dysregulation at the heart of our clients’ challenges. Like a yoyo, the ups and downs of emotions [...]


Neuroticism: 12 Emotion Regulation Skills & Worksheets

Neuroticism is a crucial aspect of personality and significantly impacts how we see ourselves and the world around us (Widiger & Oltmanns, 2017). Those of [...]

childhood emotional negle

Childhood Emotional Neglect: 5 Hidden Consequences

Almost one in five adults globally may have been neglected as a child, and it most likely happened unintentionally (Stoltenborgh et al., 2013). Parents or [...]

Anger Management Books

14 Anger Management Books & Workbooks for Therapists & Kids

Anger is a universal emotion. It can be a natural response to perceived threats, generating the energy required to protect ourselves and obtain justice. However, [...]

Emotionally Focused Therapy Training

Emotionally Focused Therapy Training: 16 Best EFT Courses

Emotions are important messengers about our relationships and wellbeing. If your work as a helping professional involves improving your clients’ emotional literacy, then you should [...]

Affect Regulation

10 Ways to Train Affect Regulation in Therapy

Emotions, moods, and our reactions to them serve an important purpose. They help us connect with others, teach us to avoid harm and help us [...]

Anger Management Therapy

11 Anger Management Therapy Techniques and Interventions

“I saw red.” “He blew a fuse.” “It made my blood boil.” “She flew off the handle.” “They drove me up the wall.” These are [...]

Anger Management Tests

15 Best Anger Issues Tests & Assessments to Measure Anger

Fundamental to human life are our emotions (Kvajo, 2016). Anger is a basic emotion evolved from the need for survival, fending off predators and fleeing [...]

Self-control for kids

12 Self-Control Activities for Kids (Incl. Worksheets)

Dealing with difficult emotions is hard for young children. Self-control and regulation are key skills to facilitate in young children, as failure to develop sufficient [...]

Anger Management

Your Anger Management Guide: Best Techniques & Exercises

Maybe you have a no-nonsense approach to life, or perhaps you are just angry. “Pathological anger can ruin your relationships, career, and health if you [...]

3 Emotional Intelligence Exercises (PDF)