Happiness & SWB

Interesting articles about happiness as a branch of positive psychology, as well as important research findings about happiness and subjective wellbeing.


Embracing JOMO: Finding Joy in Missing Out

We’ve probably all heard of FOMO, or ‘the fear of missing out’. FOMO is the currency of social media platforms, eager to encourage us to [...]


The True Meaning of Hedonism: A Philosophical Perspective

“If it feels good, do it, you only live once”. Hedonists are always up for a good time and believe the pursuit of pleasure and [...]

Happiness economics

Happiness Economics: Can Money Buy Happiness?

Do you ever daydream about winning the lottery? After all, it only costs a small amount, a slight risk, with the possibility of a substantial [...]

Eudaimonic vs Hedonic Wellbeing

Hedonic vs. Eudaimonic Wellbeing: How to Reach Happiness

Have you ever toyed with the idea of writing your own obituary? As you are now, young or old, would you say you enjoyed a [...]

Kintsugi Lifestyle

The Wabi Sabi Lifestyle: How to Accept Imperfection in Life

Wabi sabi and kintsugi have their historical origins in the aesthetics of the Japanese tea ceremony that upholds the Zen Buddhist values of purity, harmony, [...]

Psychological wellbeing

The Ryff Scales of Psychological Wellbeing: Your How-To Guide

For years, researchers have pondered the factors that influence how people make judgments about their wellbeing. However, until the late ‘80s, much of what we [...]

Authenticity Assessments

Authenticity Coaching: 13 Assessments, Scales, & Worksheets

Authenticity is being true to ourselves and living according to our beliefs and values; it is vital to our mental wellbeing. Additionally, authenticity is widely [...]

What are life domains

What Are Life Domains & How Can We Balance Them?

Juggling is a mind-boggling skill, and for me to juggle just 3 balls requires all of my attention, never mind juggling 6 torches, 10 balls, [...]

Social wellbeing

What Is Social Wellbeing? 12+ Activities for Social Wellness

We know humans are social beings. Yet, when thinking about wellbeing, we think more about our individual wellbeing, in terms of how good we feel, [...]

Work life balance

Work-Life Balance in Psychology: 12 Examples and Theories

We exist in multiple domains throughout our lives. We might be a professional, a parent, a partner, a sports person, a community member, a friend, [...]

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